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Getting to Rangiroa

There is a scheduled flight in the morning direct from Bora Bora to Rangiroa, which takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes, without having to pass via Tahiti.

The inter-island flights are easy to arrange and seasts can be booked easily. Rangiroa Airport is located on the main motu (islet) between the village of Avatoru and the village of Tiputa.

The transfer shuttle to the Maitai Rangiroa will meet you at your arrival. It takes about 5 minutes by minibus to get to the hotel.

Relax on Rangiroa

Rangiroa is a very pleasant atoll on which to relax. The islanders are always smiling and very friendly. The climate is tropical, but with the refreshing sea breeze the heat is never unbearable.

The sun shines all year and only a few days of rain disrupt the sunshine. The warmest temperatures are between December and March (about 30°C/85°F), with the other months of the year being cooler and drier.

What to wear

Wearing casual attire is recommended on the island. Light cotton outfits suffice throughout the year. A sweater or light jacket may be worn in the evening, especially when the wind picks up. A light rain jacket may also be useful in case of showers.

Currency Information

You will find in the village of Avatoru a post office and an ATM at the airport Socredo Bank. The currency of French Polynesia is the Pacific Franc.

The hotel converts only Euros and US$ at hotel reception. Most credit cards are accepted including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Please note: our online booking system does not accepted JCB cards.

Tips are not necessary in French Polynesia. Residents will enjoy just as much a smile and respectful behavior towards them as a token of your appreciation and to encourage them to preserve their tradition of hospitality. However a gratuity is always welcome.

Click here to see our fact sheet from the hotel.
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